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Fitness Fun!

Last week we welcomed Sasha from Hoola Nation into school to teach us how to hoola hoop.  Sasha is the founder of Hoola Nation and is a world record holder for completing the London Marathon whilst hoola hooping all the way around.  She was extremely impressed with the talents of the pupils here at St Lawrence and everyone enjoyed participating in the workshops.

Forest School Fun

Judie Ellis from Wrekin Forest School has been working with children in the Forest School area on their new themes.  Class 1 have been going on a bear hunt and making porridge, Class 2 have been making stone age weapons and tools, Class 3 have been going back to rationing and making soup with limited ingredients.  All the children have had the most wonderful time learning about their new themes in the outside environment.

Class 1 trip to the farm

As part of our theme this term called ‘Me and My Place in the World’ children have been learning about the key skills in Geography linked to the geographical area of school.  To enhance their knowledge and understanding children visited Mrs Sankey’s farm and walked across a number of local fields to get there.  Children had a wonderful morning and this field trip certainly enhanced their understanding of this topic.

Commando Joe’s Launch Day

Commando Joe’s is not only a hugely passionate organisation, but it’s highly experienced at delivering evidence based, impact driven interventions in all types of schools across the country.  We were lucky enough to have our launch day with Commando Stuart who worked across school on activities promoting resilience, team work and determination. 

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