PE & Sport

As a school, our Physical Education and Sport ethos is enjoyment and inclusivity. Each academic year, we strive to invite all children from Year 1 upwards to represent our school at competitions, events and festivals. These are opportunities offered to us by the Telford and Wrekin Sports Partnership, arranged with other schools or within school.

The children at St Lawrence enjoy PE and being active and as a staff, we work to embed the life skills that sport can teach children into our PE lessons, sports clubs and participation in events.

Our long term plan for Physical Education is attached below. It aims to build the fundamental skills needed to be successful and offer a wide range of sporting experiences for the children as they progress through their journey with us.

PE Long Term Plan St Lawrence CE Primary

English football will introduce heading guidance across every level of the professional and amateur game from the start of the 2021-22 season.

The new guidance, which is specifically focused on training sessions where the majority of heading occurs, has been designed to meet the requirements of each level of English football. The guidance will be applicable to clubs in the Premier League, EFL, Barclays Women’s Super League, FA Women’s Championship, the National League System, the Women’s Football Pyramid Tiers 3 and below, all grassroots football, and across the England national teams.

Heading should not be introduced in training sessions at the Primary Phase (up to U12).

“In today’s modern game, children will play on smaller pitches, with less players. There is now a greater emphasis at all levels to retain and love the ball and you will see very few headers in the game…”

As a school, we will be encouraging children to play passes along the ground and reduce the number of headers that occur in games. We will not be carrying out heading in PE lessons or in training/clubs.

FA Youth Heading Guidance


Our Fantastic Year 4/5/6 Netballers!

We are so proud of the children who attended the Telford and Wrekin Netball Coaching Competition yesterday. Their teamwork, smiles and progress were highlights that impressed staff from the Sports Partnership and other schools within Telford.

Well done! It was absolutely wonderful!

Mr Al-Asmar and Miss Tyson


Our Brilliant St Lawrence CE Year 5/6 Football Team!


The children should be so incredibly proud of their achievements on Tuesday afternoon. After only two training sessions and having not played together before, the children progressed into the Plate Competition with more games to come this season. The teamwork, support for each other and energy were fantastic.

Mr Al-Asmar and Mr Matthews


Our Terrific St Lawrence CE Year 5/6 Girls Football Team!


What a start to the year for our new Year 5/6 Girls Football Team! The Girls had not played together and for some of them, this was their first competitive football match. However, we were extremely competitive and created a number of chances that on another day would have ended up in the back of the net. We are so proud of you girls and can’t wait for our next game just after half term.

Mr Al-Asmar and Mr Matthews


Our Incredible KS1 Athletics Stars!


Our ethos for PE and Sport at St Lawrence CE is inclusivity and enjoyment. We offer every children from Year 1 to Year 6 at least one opportunity every academic year to represent our school at a Festival/Competition. We do not prioritise winning and the children here are confident and love attending these events. However, we are also always competitive and the teaching and coaching of PE in school helps us to achieve this. Yesterday, we entered a KS1 Athletics Festival and 10 children from Year 1 and 2 attended. The children absolutely loved the event and did not stop smiling and laughing throughout; it was a wonderful representation of our ethos. We are always so proud of the children’s attitudes and behaviour but yesterday we were even more delighted than usual.

Our KS1 Athletics Team finished 1st in the event against 9 other schools!

Despite our limited resources and equipment due to our size. We will continue to prioritise our ethos for PE and Sport over winning – but it was wonderful to see the excitement around school after the result had been announced. Well done to our superb KS1 Athletics Team – you have made us so proud!

Mr Al-Asmar and Mr Matthews


A Wonderful Win for our Year 5/6 Girls Football Team!

(2/11/21) – St Peters Bratton 0 – 3 St Lawrence

In our second match in this year’s Year 5/6 Girls Football League, the children were absolutely tremendous! They showed teamwork, the desire to support each other and determination to earn a 3-0 win. The girls showed a huge amount of progress in their understanding of the game and how to play together as a team during the match and this is extremely encouraging for our next match; which will be at St Lawrence.

Well done Girls! You were tremendous!

Mr Al-Asmar and Mr Matthews


A Wonderful Win for our Year 5/6 Girls Football Team!

(11/11/21) – Millbrook Primary 0 – 2 St Lawrence CE

Last night, our Mixed 5/6 Footballers put in an incredible performance to beat Millbrook Primary 2-0.  In our first 7 v 7 game this academic year, the children showed great resilience and teamwork to come away with the victory. Two goals from Charlie in the second half, the first coming from a well worked freekick, gave our team the win. Our team looked solid defensively and another day, we could have added to our score with a few more goals.

Well done everyone – we are very proud.

Mr Al-Asmar and Mr Matthews


Year 3/4 Kwik Cricket Stars!


Last Friday, 10 children from Year 3 & 4 represented our school at a Kwik Cricket competition. The children had a wonderful time and were an absolute credit to St Lawrence. Their enthusiasm, attitudes and enjoyment of the event were exemplary; staff at the event from the Sports Partnership and other schools were full of praise for the children. Watching the children field with high energy and strike the ball to the double point areas were particular highlights. We’ve had such a brilliant start to the year with our participation at events and competitions and the Year 3/4 children added to this. Well done – you were brilliant!

Mr Al-Asmar and Mr Matthews


Our first home football game for the Year 5/6 Girls.

(18/11/21) – St Lawrence CE 0 – 4 Apley Wood

Yesterday, our school played host to the first competitive football match on our field in the time that I have been fortunate enough to teach here. It was an incredibly supportive atmosphere that our girls will no doubt cherish and I must thank the parents, children and staff who took the time to come and support us before I discuss the match – thank you.

Over the last 3 games in the Girls Football League, the improvement of every individual and the team as a whole has been terrific. Last night, the Girls yet again showed such resolve, grit and togetherness to keep working hard and be competitive throughout a tough game. Unfortunately, missed opportunities to score meant a loss. However, as a school, we prioritise performances and the development of the children’s skills over results and I cannot be any prouder of the team for yesterday’s performance.

Well done on being the best you can be!

Mr Al-Asmar and Mr Matthews


UKS2 St Lawrence Archery Team

On Tuesday afternoon, myself and Mr Matthews attended this year’s KS2 Archery Event with 5 children from Year 5/6. The children thoroughly enjoyed the event, which consisted of a distance accuracy challenge and a more traditional target scoring challenge. I was extremely impressed with the progress our archers made during the event and as always the smiles and laughter was infectious and a delight to see. The children performed extremely well and finished 7th out of 20+ schools. Considering the children had not competed in an archery event before, I think that this is a terrific achievement. We talked about being there to enjoy the experience and the children really took this on board. Well done on being such terrific representatives of our school!

Myself and Mr Matthews look forward to continuing to enter competitions, events and festivals over the rest of the year – inviting as many children as possible to take part and enjoy these active experiences.

Mr Al-Asmar and Mr Matthews


AFC Telford’s KS1 Football Festival

Key Stage 1 children had a wonderful time taking part in AFC Telford’s KS1 Football Festival yesterday afternoon. The children took part in a range of activities that focused on the skills needed in football. The children had a go at shooting, taking penalties, dribbling, passing and changing direction to name a few. Myself and Mr Matthews were incredibly impressed with the enthusiasm and application of the children throughout the afternoon. We scored some great goals too!

Well done everyone,

Mr Al-Asmar and Mr Matthews