‘To strive to do our best and to make the most of opportunities available to us’
The core subjects of English, Maths, Science and ICT, together with P.E, Religious Education, Personal Social, Health Education & Citizenship are taught throughout the year. The foundation subjects of History, Geography, Art, Music and Design& Technology are taught in blocks through theme weeks and whenever possible appropriate subjects are linked together.

We will inform you of your child’s progress through;
• Parent / teacher discussions – planned for each term to give you the opportunity to talk about your child’s progress and look at your child’s work. You are of course also very welcome to make additional appointments to do this at any time during the school year.
• Report – During the Summer term your child’s written report outlining his/her progress will be sent to you.
• Events/ trips – Regular events such as plays, concerts, sports days, assemblies are held to which you are invited so that you can see the school in operation.
Religious Education is provided in accordance with current legislation and the recommendations of the Local Authority and the Lichfield Diocese. We encourage the children to develop a caring attitude and empathy with the Christian ethos in accordance with our role as a Church of England school. We have a daily act of worship thorough which we aim to:
• Develop a sense of belonging and community.
• Promote the children’s spiritual and moral development.
• Develop a sense of awe and wonder, and provide opportunity for children to reflect and question.
• Offer a foundation through which children can discover a faith or belief on which to base their life.
Parents have the right to withdraw their children from assemblies and from all or part of religious education following discussion with the head teacher.

Enhancing the Curriculum
We aim to provide additional activities to enhance the curriculum. These include:
• Visits at the beginning or end of a topic in order to excite, consolidate and develop an interest about the subject.
• An annual theatre visit for all pupils.
• Visits and activity days linked to History, Geography, Art or D&Y themes.
• Book Weeks and Book Fairs.
• Visiting authors.
• Harvest, Christmas and Easter celebrations.
• Focused weeks of activity e.g. Arts week.
• Music tuition is part of the regular curriculum we are pleased to work with the Shropshire Music Service. the children a range of instruments throughout the year.
• French lessons are taken with a French tutor and run throughout the school from reception to year 6, each week.
• Swimming lessons are undertaken by years 2 to 6 throughout the year.
• “Crossbar Coaching” provide high quality Physical Education for our after school clubs.

For our whole school 3 year plan, please see the PDF document below;
Long term planning 2019-2022

Overview Plan 20192022

For medium term planning (current year), please see the relevant class page and the curriculum policy.

We use the “letters & Sounds” phonics scheme, this is supplemented by a range of phonetically decodable books.

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Recovery Curriculum POLICY Sept 2020