Lots of our school policies are available for you to view online. If there’s a specific policy that you want to read but can’t find below, please contact the school office where we will be glad to help.


Risk_assessment_amendments_for_schools___6.9.21 St Lawrence

Risk assessment amendments for schools 8 March 2021 St Lawrence

Risk Assessment for return to Schools Sept 20 St Lawrence CE Primary FINAL 1.9.20 updated 20.11.20 Website.docx


STLAW.078 Relationships and Sex Education Policy – July 2020 updated version sex ed

Department for Education Published Guide for Parents Primary


STLAW.002 Acceptable ICT Use Policy
STLAW.032 Accessibility Plan – Sep 2018
STLAW.020 Allowances Policy for Governing Bodies April 18
STLAW.004 Anti-bullying – May 2019
STLAW.024 Anti Smoking Policy Feb 19
STLAW.074 Appraisal Policy – Summer 20
STLAW.026 Attendance Policy – Jan 2020
STLAW.026 Attendance Policy – Jan 2020 Covid
STLAW.005 Behaviour Policy May 2019
STLAW.005 Behaviour Policy June 2020 Covid
STLAW.005 Behaviour Policy Sept 2020 Covid
STLAW.003 Calculation Policy – June 2020
STLAW.054 Capability Policy – Jan 2019
STLAW.006 Charges Remissions for School Activities Policy – May 2019
STAW.055 Child out of School Policy – Feb 2020
STLAW.033 St L Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy – September 2020
STLAW.033 St L Child Protection and Safeguarding COVID Addendum – Sept 2020
STLAW.071 Clear Desk Policy March 19
STLAW.008 Code of Conduct for School Governors September 2020
STLAW.009 Collective Worship Policy – May 2019
STLAW.010 Complaints Policy June 2020
STLAW.015 Criminal Record Checks September 2020
STLAW.034 CPD Policy – Sept 2018
STLAW.044 Curriculum Policy – Sept 2019
STLAW.016 Education of Children and Young People in Care 2020
STLAW.028 Educational Visits and Journey Nov 19

STLAW.030 Equalities Equality Targets and Accessibility Plans

STLAW.056 EYFS Policy – June 2020

STLAW.047 Freedom of Information Policy – Nov 20
STLAW.072 First Aid Policy June 20 COVID- 19
STLAW.072 First Aid Policy Jan 20

STLAW.062 Gifted and Talented Policy – Nov 2020

STLAW.061 Gifts and hospitality Policy Nov 18

STLAW.049 Governor Visiting Policy September 2020

STLAW.059 Staff Grievance Policy – June 2020

STLAW.042 Health Safety Policy – Sept 19
STLAW.042 Health Safety Policy – June 20- COVID 19

STLAW.031 Homework Policy – June 2020
STLAW.086 Induction Policy – March 2021
STLAW.077 Infection Control Policy – COVID June 2020
STLAW.069 Information Security Policy – September 2020

STLAW.035 Lettings Policy – October 2018

STLAW.045 Managing Attendance at Work Policy – September 2020
STLAW.029 Marking and Feedback Policy May 18

STLAW.064 Maternity Policy- Dec 2017

STLAW.046 Medical Conditions Policy 2020
STLAW.076 Outbreak Policy – COVID June 2020
STLAW.080 Peer on Peer Abuse 2020
STLAW.075 Parent Code of Conduct March 21
STLAW.068 Password Management Policy – January 20
STLAW.036 Teachers Pay Policy Nov 2020
STLAW.050 Pay Policy Appeals Procedure Nov 20

STLAW.039 Performance Management – March 20

STLAW.053 Policy for Missing Children May 18
STLAW.052 Policy for supporting students with medical needs – April 2019
STLAW.037 Policy for using photos and filming children – January 2019
STLAW.016 Policy on the Education of Children and Young People in care Jan 2020
STLAW.017 Privacy Policy for Pupils – May 2018

STLAW.018 Privacy Policy for Staff – May 2018
STLAW.007 Protocol for dealing with children not collected – May 2019
STLAW.043 Reasonable Force Policy -March 19

STLAW.067 Records Management September 2020

STLAW.078 Relationships and Sex Education Policy – July 2020 updated version sex ed

STLAW.019 Safer Recruitment Policy – May 2018

STLAW.038 School Disciplinary Policy – February 2020

STLAW.021 School Healthy Eating Policy – Jun 2018

STLAW.079 School Information Sharing Policy – November 2020

STLAW.023 Sex Education Policy – April 2019

STLAW.065 Social Media Policy Nov 2020

STLAW.022 Special Education Needs Policy – September 2020

STLAW.060 Special Leave Policy Sept 2020
STLAW.066 Supporting the educational outcomes for looked after & previously looked after children – Nov 18
STLAW.027 Teaching Assistants Policy – Jan 18

STLAW.070 Visitors Policy March 19