Lots of our school policies are available for you to view online. If there’s a specific policy that you want to read but can’t find below, please contact the school office where we will be glad to help.


Risk_assessment_amendments_for_schools___6.9.21 St Lawrence

Risk assessment amendments for schools 8 March 2021 St Lawrence

Risk Assessment for return to Schools Sept 20 St Lawrence CE Primary FINAL 1.9.20 updated 20.11.20 Website.docx


STLAW.078 Relationships and Sex Education Policy – July 2020 updated version sex ed

Department for Education Published Guide for Parents Primary


STLAW.033 Child Protection and safeguarding policy St Lawrence September 2021



STLAW.002 Acceptable ICT Use Policy
STLAW.032 Accessibility Plan – Sep 2018
STLAW.020 Allowances Policy for Governing Bodies April 18
STLAW.004 Anti-bullying – May 2019
STLAW.024 Anti Smoking Policy Feb 19
STLAW.074 Appraisal Policy – Summer 20
STLAW.026 Attendance Policy – Jan 2020
STLAW.026 Attendance Policy – Jan 2020 Covid
STLAW.005 Behaviour Policy May 2019
STLAW.005 Behaviour Policy June 2020 Covid
STLAW.005 Behaviour Policy Sept 2020 Covid
STLAW.003 Calculation Policy – June 2020
STLAW.054 Capability Policy – Jan 2019
STLAW.006 Charges Remissions for School Activities Policy – May 2019
STAW.055 Child out of School Policy – Feb 2020
STLAW.033 Child Protection and safeguarding policy St Lawrence September 2021
STLAW.033 St L Child Protection and Safeguarding COVID Addendum – Sept 2020
STLAW.071 Clear Desk Policy March 19
STLAW.008 Code of Conduct for School Governors September 2020
STLAW.009 Collective Worship Policy – May 2019
STLAW.010 Complaints Policy June 2020
STLAW.089 Coronavirus Outbreak Management Plan.doc
STLAW.015 Criminal Record Checks September 2020
STLAW.034 CPD Policy – Sept 2018
STLAW.044 Curriculum Policy – Sept 2019
STLAW.016 Education of Children and Young People in Care 2020
STLAW.028 Educational Visits and Journey Nov 19

STLAW.030 Equalities Equality Targets and Accessibility Plans

STLAW.056 EYFS Policy – June 2020

STLAW.047 Freedom of Information Policy – Nov 20
STLAW.072 First Aid Policy June 20 COVID- 19
STLAW.072 First Aid Policy Jan 20

STLAW.062 Gifted and Talented Policy – Nov 2020

STLAW.061 Gifts and hospitality Policy Nov 18

STLAW.049 Governor Visiting Policy September 2020

STLAW.059 Staff Grievance Policy – June 2020

STLAW.042 Health Safety Policy – Sept 19
STLAW.042 Health Safety Policy – June 20- COVID 19

STLAW.031 Homework Policy – June 2020
STLAW.086 Induction Policy – March 2021
STLAW.077 Infection Control Policy – COVID June 2020
STLAW.069 Information Security Policy – September 2020

STLAW.035 Lettings Policy – October 2018

STLAW.045 Managing Attendance at Work Policy – September 2020
STLAW.029 Marking and Feedback Policy May 18

STLAW.064 Maternity Policy- Dec 2017

STLAW.046 Medical Conditions Policy 2020
STLAW.076 Outbreak Policy – COVID June 2020
STLAW.080 Peer on Peer Abuse 2020
STLAW.075 Parent Code of Conduct March 21
STLAW.068 Password Management Policy – January 20
STLAW.036 Teachers Pay Policy Nov 2020
STLAW.050 Pay Policy Appeals Procedure Nov 20

STLAW.039 Performance Management – March 20

STLAW.053 Policy for Missing Children May 18
STLAW.052 Policy for supporting students with medical needs – April 2019
STLAW.037 Policy for using photos and filming children – January 2019
STLAW.016 Policy on the Education of Children and Young People in care Jan 2020
STLAW.017 Privacy Policy for Pupils – May 2018

STLAW.018 Privacy Policy for Staff – May 2018
STLAW.007 Protocol for dealing with children not collected – May 2019
STLAW.043 Reasonable Force Policy -March 19

STLAW.067 Records Management September 2020

STLAW.078 Relationships and Sex Education Policy – July 2020 updated version sex ed

STLAW.019 Safer Recruitment Policy – May 2018

STLAW.038 School Disciplinary Policy – February 2020

STLAW.021 School Healthy Eating Policy – Jun 2018

STLAW.079 School Information Sharing Policy – November 2020

STLAW.023 Sex Education Policy – April 2019

STLAW.065 Social Media Policy Nov 2020

STLAW.022 Special Education Needs Policy – September 2020

STLAW.060 Special Leave Policy Sept 2020
STLAW.066 Supporting the educational outcomes for looked after & previously looked after children – Nov 18
STLAW.027 Teaching Assistants Policy – Jan 18

STLAW.070 Visitors Policy March 19