We believe there are many benefits to school clubs, either held after school or during lunch times.

They can provide children with opportunities to:

  • Increase their participation in physical activity and improve fitness levels
  • Further the knowledge, understanding and skills developed within curriculum time
  • Try out activities not included within the curriculum
  • Begin to specialise in specific activities
  • Make independent choices and decisions about their participation
  • Become involved in the organisation, management and leadership of activities
  • Take part in activities for a variety of different reasons (e.g. for recreation, fun, competition, social)
  • Socialise with pupils from different classes/year groups and make new friends.

As a result our staff work hard to plan, organise and run as varied a range of clubs that we can. We often are supported in this by outside organisations which run popular clubs after school.

The range of sporting clubs will vary on a seasonal basis and can include football, multi-sports, summer sports and athletics.












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