Pupil Voice


  • “I feel happy at school because I get to see my friends.” IS (Year 2)
  • “I’m happy coming to school.” AB (Year 2)
  • “I’m happy at school because I come to school and work and play.” EC (Reception)
  • “I’m happy to come to school.” WB (Reception)



  • “ I think the teachers are gentle.” IS (Year 2)
  • “I think the teachers are kind.” IJ (Year 2)
  • “I think all the teachers are the best!” AB (Year 2)
  • “The teachers are peachy.” ER (Year 1)
  • “I like writing with the teachers.” MT (Reception)
  • “I like it when the teachers say it is okay.” EC (Reception)



  • “I like phonics.” AB (Year 2)
  • “I like English to be creative.” IS (Year 2)
  • “I really like pathways.” LB (Year 1)
  • “Maths helps you learn.” IJ (Year 2)
  • “I like learning.” DC (Reception)
  • “I like PE.” ER (Year 1)


Favourite Thing

  • “All the learning and friends.” AB (Year 2)
  • “I like to go outside and get to play with my friends.” MT (Reception)
  • “Mufti days.” ER (Year 1)
  • “When we learn.” IJ (Year 2)
  • “PE.” CGJ (Year 1)
  • “You teach me lots of things.” JN (Year 2)
  • “Everything.” LB (Year 1)
  • “Seeing my friends.” IS (Year 2)