WhatsApp is a popular app with adults and children, and can provide a free, easy to use way of communicating with others, but recently some of the children have been talking about feeling unsafe on this platform because their conversations are repeated to others, or screenshots are taken of them during conversations.

Please remember to talk to your children about their use of mobile technologies, so that we are working together to keep them safe. We will be doing some, age appropriate, work in school to support this part of the curriculum.

The following website has a great 6 minute read on the positives of WhatsApp, as well as the pitfalls to be aware of as we continue to work to keep all children safe: https://parentzone.org.uk/article/whatsapp#:~:text=WhatsApp’s%20main%20purpose%20is%20to,relatively%20safe%20social%20media%20app.