Class 1 Easter Celebrations

Easter bonnet parade – we were blessed with lots of sunshine and enjoyed parading our beautiful bonnets on the playground. Well done to Faith who won our competition with a chick theme. We loved the feathers Faith. After our parade the children all loved eating a small chocolate egg in the classroom. Thank you to you all for your hard work and wonderful creations.

We also enjoyed hunting for eggs in our quiet garden and learnt about what eggs represent. 

Easter crafts – the children have had lots of fun with Easter crafts. They have made a bunny Easter box, painted  chicks and daffodils. The children have also been learning about the Easter story and retelling this for our assembly as well as making their own  puppets.  



Class One Worship – 23rd March

On Tuesday 23rd March, the country held a National Day of Reflection to bring people from all backgrounds, communities, and all parts of the UK   together, to reflect on the tragic loss of life we’ve all felt over the last year and support all those who are grieving.


In our class Worship sessions we talked about real life superheroes and the things we are thankful for. Here are some of the wonderful responses from Class 1 pupils.



Spring has sprung for Years 5 and 6

Spring is bursting out all over our school grounds. The buds are unfurling on the trees, the birds are singing and starting to build their nests and our glorious yellow daffodils are putting on a fantastic show around our school field.



The daffodils inspired us in our artwork this week. We hope you enjoy looking at our gallery of daffodil sketches.


Skeletal system of humans and animals

For our Science learning this week, we have been exploring the skeletal system of humans and animals. We worked on labelling the parts of a human skeleton and then made comparisons to the skeletons of different animals. We talked about why certain animals have different bone structures.

Division in Maths – 26th March

This week has been a jammed pack one! We have begun our work on Division in maths; the children have all done brilliantly with this tricky concept and we will continue this work either side of the Easter Break.

We started the week with physical division work using equipment to physically divide before moving onto formal calculations.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) 19th March

On Wednesday, we had a remote learning session with a member of the Sea Cadets Corps. We learnt about the theory behind what makes an object float or sink and how this was then applied to boat building. Following this, in pairs, we were set a challenge to make our own boat from a piece of A4 card, foil and paperclips. Each pair then tested the buoyancy of their boat in water and how much weight could be added before sinking occurred. All the boats were able to float with 390g on board, far exceeding the challenge of 50g, so well done to everyone.